Copper Cuff Bracelet - Hearts
Copper Cuff Bracelet - Hearts

Copper Cuff Bracelet - Hearts

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Deeply embossed solid copper cuff bracelet with vintage/antique heart pattern
Part Number: C-Brac-02
Availability: Made to Order
Beautiful solid Copper Cuff Bracelet!
100% Handmade
Made from an antique/vintage pattern plate
Based on antique and vintage designs

This deeply embossed copper cuff bracelet is 100% handmade in the USA. Each cuff is made of heavy but flexible solid copper. This heart pattern is based on antique and vintage designs that date from the 1800's to the 1950's. The copper is rolled and pressed into a pattern plate to deeply imprint the pattern. Each cuff is then hand cut, sanded, formed, and polished. A dark patina is added to bring out the detail. After a final polish, the cuff is sealed with a clear enamel finish to help keep the cuff shiny and slow the rate of tarnish. The cuff is approximately 6 inches (15.24cm) long and 1/4 inch (6.35mm) wide. Each cuff is flexible enough to adjust to most wrists.

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