Faith and Spirit - Silverware Bracelet
Faith and Spirit - Silverware Bracelet

Faith and Spirit - Silverware Bracelet

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These make great gifts to celebrate your ideology and beliefs.
Handmade to order. Choose the size, material, finish, charms & beads. The design is limited only by your imagination!
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Show your Faith and beliefs with these unique silverware bracelets!

Each bracelet is handmade made from two matching silverware handles. The handles are cut to length, and cold forged into matching delicate curves. Each bracelet is then polished or a patina applied per your specification, and assembled. They are perfect to add charms and/or glass beads to create a unique one of a kind gift. Bracelets are adjustable. Please see the examples and the photos showing choice of charms and beads available. See our recommended beads and charms by scrolling to the bottom to the Charm & Bead Quick Add-On section. You can also visit our Design it Yourself Jewelry - Charms and Beads Section to see all available options. The cost for any charm and beads chosen will be added in the shopping cart. Please tell us which charms and beads you would like added in the product's Special Request section.

You can completely customize your bracelet by choosing the type of metal and a variety of charms and glass beads in birthstone colors. Your unique custom designed bracelet is limited only by your imagination. Mystic Metals currently chooses the bracelet patterns from available stock. However, you can describe specific attributes and characteristics you’d like the pattern to convey, and we will do our best to honor your request.

Also, please let us know if you have family silverware you'd like to use. (Prior approval needed before ordering as a few silverware types may not bend well. Please read the Use Your Own Silverware information below and complete the Personal Silverware Use Approval.) 

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